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Decorate Your Walls with Unique Wallpapers

Beautiful Wallpaper

Beautiful Wallpaper

Most people are afraid to experiment with unique patterns and designs, especially on their wallpaper. However, colors, patterns and designs that a little bit different should not be a problem for those who are adventurous and willing to experiment.

One of the most important rules in interior decoration is to avoid clashing colors and patterns that are not complementary. When clashes occur, rooms begin to look crowded, ugly, unattractive and busy. It is best to make sure a room looks classy and sophisticated, without draining out one’s personality from the entire place.

Exploring different wallpaper prints is a great way to start when thinking of decorating a room. There are a few things to remember where this is concerned, however. It is important to keep in mind that when using colorful wallpaper full of print, a certain amount of restraint should be shown with regard to furniture. Calm, sophisticated and plain furniture will offset the wallpaper very well, as seen in the picture.

Another thing to remember is to avoid using too many dark colors in wallpaper. Dark walls make a room look much smaller. Try to increase space with simple designs and light colors that do not crowd the space. Use cool colors to create a breezy space, and warm colors to brighten up a space. Warm colors and busy patterns should be juxtaposed with modern, minimalist furniture for optimum effect.

Do not hesitate to spend a little money on chic and fashionable prints. There are many famous artists and illustrators who have designed wonderfully unique prints to decorate walls with. These prints are not common, everyday designs and are capable of making a house look original and different. It is important to keep a house looking distinctly personal as it is, after all, a familial and personal space.

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