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Decorating a Day-Room


There has indeed been a revolution in ideas and concepts relating to interior decoration. In just a couple of decades imaginative and bold techniques have been experimented upon and the success of the end result is for all of us to see. Needless to say the reach of the internet into all homes has ensured that these decorating ideas reach thousands of people.

Day Room

Day Room

Take a look at this beige themed living room. The furnishings here may appear rather minimalistic but a careful scrutiny will tell you that quite a bit of care has been taken to give this living room a rather welcoming and inviting ambiance. This room is a very good example of how creative ideas and methods can be applied to the interior environs of a house to achieve a balance of attractive and aesthetic output!

This is obviously a Day-Room. Use of pastel shades for a day room is always recommended. This is because streaming sunlight has a way of playing with colors and enhancing them. This is why dark hues would be too harsh for a Day-Room. The walls in this room are a textured brownish beige. Colors that would go well with beige are sand brown, yellow and dark brown. Now look how intelligently this room is decorated with all these colors spread across the room. The bright light that is streaming in through the French Window heightens the beauty of the brown antique lamp and stained yellow flower vase! The wooden sofas in deep brown look elegant without being ostentatious.

To enrich the beauty of an interior use some innovative ideas. A good example in this case is the large brass plate that holds the candles!  Here too observe the color match and blend in with the rest of the furnishings in the room. The pièce de résistance I would say here is quilted cushion placed ‘carelessly’. The cushion itself has a well-worn look and it presence adds to the warmth and inviting ambiance of this lovely room.

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