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Decorating your homes with Accessories.


A very important part of interior decoration is decorating your homes with artifacts and accessories that complement the décor of your home. This adds a personal touch to your homes. Choose accessories that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also those that show your personal taste. What is important here is for YOU to like it and not for an interior decorator to  do so. While matching colors in your rooms, repeat colors. For instance if your sofa set is upholstered in a particular color make sure that at least some of the accessories match the color. It could be the carpet, the curtains, the drapes or the cushions.

Any piece of artifact, be it a canvas wall art or a decorative side stand, should be so chosen that it relates to the surrounding and the general ambiance of the room. While it is definitely essential to cover bare walls with wall art pieces, it is equally important not to overdo it. Achieve the right amount of balance that is both pleasing and elegant. It is desirable that all artworks is placed at eye level so that the vantage point of viewing is just right. Also remember to choose a canvas wall art work that affords a good view. We don’t want too large a painting on too small walls.

Tables with vases should be placed at vantage points too. If you are going for formal arrangement make sure that there are symmetrical arrangement of objects and if you choose to go in for an informal arrangement you can go in for stylish asymmetrical groupings. Place mirrors in your rooms in such a way that they expand the space and also reflect something very nice and beautiful in the rooms.

Choose the objects of art to be displayed and don’t go in for a mish mash of various styles. Choose a theme and stick to it.

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