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Design a bar with neon lights

Neon Lit Bar

Neon Lit Bar

It takes a lot of guts to create a room design loaded to the brim with flair and originality. When you put so many colors in one area, you risk the possibility of all of them clashing together and making the room look more like a mashed up rainbow, than a piece of interior design. But this depends on the type of interior design. For a home, it’s a crime to use so much color and lighting. For a bar or a café, it’s absolutely brilliant. Bright colors and a jovial atmosphere bring customers back for more, which is the universal goal of all these places.

Personally, I like to see novelty, and many people would agree with me on that statement. Seeing something pleasantly surprising or something different from daily life strikes me as an important aspect of beauty. Look at the colors in this café. They are not in the least jarring, clashing, or cloying.

The floor is the first thing I noticed. It reminds me very much of a cartoon. It resembles white glass, cracked into thousands of pieces, and hurtling into a black abyss. Indeed, customers who walk in are hurtling into an abyss of exquisite and interesting beauty. The black and white theme used in the floor adds a sense of contrast to the design. The ceiling is a dark color, but the lighting is what attracts attention. The lanterns hanging down look like pieces of eroded rock with light bulbs sitting inside.

The most important part of this design is the seating and the wall behind the continuous white bench. The furniture is white and black. The seating is white, while the tables are black. The tables look thin and delicate, and the chairs look strong and comfortable. The wall behind the bench is divine in its color. There are beautiful blue and yellow swirls swimming in an explosive acidic violet. The entire design is a brilliant thing to behold, with its bursting colors and modernistic designs.

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