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Design A Compact Kitchen With Natural Light



An apartment or house need not be large and spacious in order to look good and be decorated well. You can have a marvelous space in a place where there’s practically no space at all! All you need is creativity and some good design inspiration.

This room is a perfect example of how a small kitchenette and seating area can look like a gorgeously classy, sophisticated space that still maintains its youthfulness. It is a well maximized space that looks larger thanks to the every-man’s color that is white. The white maximizes the space marvelously without looking too sterile and cold like a hospital room.

The other colors in the palette are red and black. The red is a deep, sophisticated shade that is found in the wallpaper. The wallpaper design is romantic and intricate, with floral patterns. It is juxtaposed with the modernity of the rest of the room and complements instead of opposes it. The candle holders add a unique and fresh edge to the wall.

The kitchenette also doubles as a space to work, thanks to the extension of the counter top. The kitchenette mostly uses white and black. It is clean and minimalist. The black accents add some edginess to the area, and are used cleverly. The rug on the floor is black and off-white. The print on the rug definitely gives the room an interesting feel.

In terms of lighting, there is a lot of natural light streaming in from the windows. The white also reflects light well, while the tinted glass lamp hanging from the ceiling lends the room a warm glow.

The reason the room does not look as small as it probably is, is because of the clever design. The use of white, black and red give a luxurious yet mature effect to the room without being pretentious and boring. These are strong colors that do not overshadow each other, and that is why the space is so good.

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