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Design a dining room with a spectacular view

Spectacular dining room

Spectacular dining room

I am very attracted to interior design with openness. Large windows, plenty of glass, amazing views, appeal to me more than gadgets, classy furnishings, and stylish lights do. Natural lighting and breeze can be particularly brilliant. This room transforms from an ordinary dining room into something beautiful because of the sea view. The sea, with its calming and artistic aura, somehow manages to exert its influence on interior design. That is because what is outside is as important as what is inside. Living in a classy apartment in a terrible neighborhood or with a dirty, ugly surrounding, completely destroys the point. But being in a place like this, where the outside is even more beautiful than in the inside is wonderful. The use of potted plants also makes a room very pretty, because it adds more of a natural aspect to it.

The openness and view of aren’t the only things to be commended. The furniture here is also very classy and stylish, and not to mention, easy to maintain definitely. The chairs are very stylish. The curved black legs and frame along with a beige colored seat contrast each other very strongly. The table is very solid with its thick legs. The color of the wood is light colored like majority of the wood in this room- which is good, because the light color looks good alongside black metal. The beach-side type of furniture- not too classy and formal looking, matches the setting of the area very well.

I can truly imagine this place at night as well, with the moon’s light reflecting off the sea surface, and the sound of waves washing onto the shore coming through the window. Even without daylight the room is lit well, with a good looking spherical lantern hanging from the ceiling. Overall, this dining room design is a wonderful change from the cooped up, closed rooms. The space, the view, the ventilation, the natural lighting, along with the aura of ease everything in the room gives off makes this design brilliant.

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