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Design A Library And Reading Room

Library and Reading Room

Library and Reading Room

Most people are familiar with one of the most interior designers of the modern world- Eero Aarnio. He is responsible for revolutionizing interior decoration and bringing in fascinating new elements to it that are adventurous, eccentric and powerful. He is known for his creation of various pieces of furniture such as the Pastil Chair, Bubble Chair and so on.

This library space belongs to Eero Aarnio. His beautiful house is in Helsinki, Finland. This room is surprisingly medium sized, but is of course bursting with personality and fun. It is a bright room with lots of color and pattern usage.

The clever thing about this room is that the base color is white, and other brighter colors have been layered on. This is a totally foolproof method of color placement, as everything matches white, and white is a neutral color. White is also light reflecting, and maximizes a space, so spaces look larger than they really are.

The walls are dominated by book shelves, and therefore books. The shelves are shaped like little squares in the wall. The books add color to the walls, and this is better decoration than boring old wallpaper or paint.

There is a sofa which can be used for relaxed reading. The sofa is also white, with colorful cushions 0n it. The different prints on the cushions add interest to the sofa and the room. They add value and visual texture that reduces the minimalist effect that the white in the room brings.

The room is well-lit with many reading light placed around the room. There is also an interesting candle holder on one of the table tops. In the middle sits a very simple and basic center table with a glass top.

This room is the perfect example of a modern house library or study. It is comfortable and welcoming without being too cluttered and messy.

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