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Design a Makeshift Room for the Guest


Study and Bedroom

Study and Bedroom

Well not all of us have the luxury of having a large living spaces and spare rooms for guests. We of course cannot quote this as an excuse to do away with guests. I mean whether we like it or not, we definitely have to entertain guests at some time or the other. What we can do is to create a makeshift room for the guest. We have to use either the study room or perhaps the dressing room to use it for this purpose. Whichever room you choose for this multipurpose don’t make any dramatic or permanent changes. The function of the room as originally intended should not be compromised with.

A good bit of planning and a few small additions to the furniture should do the trick. While this is done, don’t go in for major changes. The room can now be the multipurpose room that you want it to be. Now you really don’t have to hesitate about inviting people to spend the night over. When you have planned you study to be the makeshift guest bedroom, you should in the first place have designed the study to suit this purpose. Use convertible sofas which can be used as beds when the need arises. Have a fold away storage unit on the wall which can be expanded when the room is being used as the guest room.

If you had not planned a door for your study, you should. While you may not use it, it would become necessary when you have a guest using the room for a different purpose. Also make sure that lighting too is right here. Being forearmed in cases such as this is a very good thing. You can now without hesitation throw in an impromptu invitation for anybody to stay the night over and if need be more days than one.

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