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Design A Tree Bed For Your Bedroom

Tree Bed

Tree Bed

Have you ever thought of how it would be sleeping in a forest, with the trees’ branches hanging over you, and nests of birds sitting on them? And yet you do not experience the noise of animals, and the climate is cool, even air conditioned? Here’s your chance! This design caught my eye mainly because of how different it was, and how original the idea of it is. A bed like this can fit in anywhere.

The designer has really taken a risk here. Usually, putting a natural aura into interior design always pays off. I love rooms with lots of greenery, or flowery backgrounds. When you look at this, you realize how simple it actually is. It may seem complicated, but all the designer has done is combine a natural setting with the bed, instead of having a bed, and plants around it.

The structure of the bed is solid. Its legs are the trunks of trees. These trunks look beautiful- their color is a deep, rich, shade of brown. The shape of the trunks is irregular and bent, and they spread out into branches at the top. The four legs are similar in shape. To increase the prettiness of this design, the designer has made a single branch from each leg connect at the very center, forming a platform for an artificial bird’s nest. The nest only makes the room look one with nature, as if it isn’t already.

The bed cover is a pleasant, lazy cream. The entire mattress seems like it is floating a few inches above the ground, because the tree trunk legs look so unnatural as legs of a bed. This design is a great creation. It may not be to the taste of everyone, but if you want novelty originality and a touch of nature in your bedroom, here’s your opportunity.

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