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Design and Decorate a Café Colorfully

Design your café

Design your café

This café space is a lovely and bright area for a get-together or meeting of friends. The place looks comfortable, inviting and sleek. It isn’t very large but it is just spacious enough to be youthful and consumer-friendly. It may not be the place for elegant lunches or dinners, but as a café for college students or youthful friends, it is perfect.

The room’s architecture is geometric and structured. It is edgy and sharp, but isn’t jarring or cold. Half the ceiling is made of cement and the other is wood paneled. The wood paneling carries subtle ceiling lights that help make the lighting better.

The great thing about this room is that it actually looks like a chic apartment that has been converted into a restaurant space. It is transformed by the rich color palette of grays, browns and hot pink.

The bar is made of light rubber wood that is asymmetric in shape. It has glass shelving that displays food and dessert very well. The bar has chic and modern gray stools that have metallic bases at the bottom.

The grays in the room are complemented by the ashen blue-gray of the room. The color almost looks like lilac. The walls in the outer rooms are hot pink. This adds a wonderful pop of color to the place. The small circular tables in the room are also of light wood surrounded by gray armchairs. The upholstery has a tweed-like effect that is a classy and sophisticated effect that only complements the brightness of the room.

All in all, this is a great place to eat in and enjoy time with loved ones. This is brightly and imaginatively decorated so as to make relaxing better for all. It is full of warm and cool colors that do not clash or look distasteful. Remember that it is so easy to make a space look tacky with colors like hot pink.

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