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Design and decorate your barn into a living room

Living_Barn Style

Living_Barn Style

This gorgeous space was initially a barn, but has been reconstructed and designed by Seattle-based architects Shed. The barn was changed to suit day to day living, and to make the space a comfortable and relaxed space that is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian.

The living room space is a very asymmetrically designed room. It is of decent size and is more than enough to fit the furniture that is usually found in a living room. What hits you first is the use of natural materials, not unlike those used to build barns. There is a lot of wood. The floor is wood and the walls are also wood. This provides a very natural visual texture to the place. Wood also creates a cozy, welcoming feeling that is warm and approachable.

The color palette is very simple. It is composed of brown (from the wood, of course) and white. This simplicity is a rarity in the world of modern interior design, so this is like a nice palette cleanser for the soul.

The living room has a sofa, some armchairs and table that can also be used as a study. This isn’t much to have, and decorators have not made the mistake of adding more than they should. The overall effect is therefore, uncluttered elegance.

In terms of lighting, there is a lot of it. Natural lighting is extremely important in a room. It helps plants flourish, creates a warm feeling and allows communication with nature. There is a huge panel of windows on one side that lets in a large amount of light, plus an excellent view of the trees.

All in all, this is a place to covet. The slanting ceiling, the class, the mat rug and the understated luxuriousness of it all makes it a room to have. Use this as an example when you decorate. Try to replicate the careful use of subtle coloring. You can also express your personality by adding patterns and prints that make the place more interesting.

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