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Design and Decorate Your Home with Innate Creativity

Swedish Style Home

Swedish Style Home

It is easy to go minimal and buy generic and sleek furniture, accessorized with air and space. It is difficult and more challenging, however, to create a space that speaks of nothing but your own vibrant personality and innate creativity. This is exactly what these owners have done to their Swedish home.

One look at this space and you can immediately sense the interest the owners and decorators have in art, design and aesthetics. For them, design is obviously not something to be taken for granted, and they have displayed their taste and aesthetic sense proudly in this original and colorful room.

The space is youthful, fresh and colorful while maintaining its sense of sophistication and easy style. Not one inch of the room- including the furniture and art- is boring, and there is a lot of consideration given to color schemes and placing.

The color palette comprises mostly of greens in many tints and shades. Apple green and other light greens have been gratuitously used. Green is a color that symbolizes both brightness and peace. Bright green can make a space more youthful, while pale green gives off a peaceful, calming feeling and works the same way as sky blue or azure.

Wisely avoiding the common trap of monotony, the owners have accented the greens with a host of other wonderful colors that are revealed in pops and jumps. They are bright colors that could easily overshadow a color like green, but manage to not take center stage thanks to their limited use. Red has been used for cushions and a chair, while magenta, yellow and blue are less apparent.

Funky accessories create more interest in the space. The lighting is quirky and resembles seventies-disco balls. Plants like cacti adorn the unused spaces while acting as a nod to the wonders of nature.

All in all, this is a space for the brave and experimental. It is quite alright to remain in your comfort zone and work with more common templates, but if you want to let go and display your home turf with artistic pride, this is the way to go.

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