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Design And Decorate Your Office In A Tree House

Office in a Tree House

Office in a Tree House

Scores of people are looking for perfect office spaces. An office space needs to be a place where a worker can be at his or her productive and most efficient best. This means it should be a place with great lighting, space, and cleanliness. A space with clean, basic and simple lines is perfect for creating an office. When you maximize the potential of a design, you feel good, and hence you maximize the potential of the quality of work you do.

You will find it very hard to find an office room that is more inspiring and original than this. Whoever thought that working in a tree house must have faced a lot of ridicule, but he or she has shown the critics with this marvelous area that is design creativity at its best.

At first glance, it looks like just another office space with minimalist furniture and lots of wood and steel. The wood and steel is a staple in any office as it is an ode to industrialism and hard work. This office uses wood and steel gratuitously and combines it with sharp edges.

The office isn’t large at all. In fact, it is a very small space. However, it looks much larger than it actually is, because of the use of glass and light. The fact that the office is in a tree house adds an interest factor, sure, but it is the foliage and nature surrounding the room that makes it seem never-ending. The openness also ensures a lot of natural light. Green is also a color that makes a place seem more peaceful, as it is a calming color.

The hard, steely effect given by the room is juxtaposed with the natural surroundings outside. This is obviously the effect intended by the architect and interior decorator.

Another interesting feature of the room is the diagonal metal column that descends and cuts across the desk abruptly. It adds a whimsical edge to an otherwise basic room.

This office is not for everybody. It is obviously not conducive to meetings and appointments that include more than two people. It is, however, a wonderful space in which to work and be inspired.

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