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Design and decorate your porch

Porch Decor

Porch Decor

Your porch is very much part of your home and as such, requires as much attention as the rest of your home. In fact, I would think that this requires even more attention as this is the part that makes the first impression to an outsider. How you decorate this space will probably reflect your personality in a unique way. Not many people have the luxury of a porch and in most cases, the space may be rather narrow. In spite of limited space, one can use imagination and creativity and make a mark.

Use potted plants, bright perennials, green grass, a few large and small clay pots thrown artistically, a wind chime and you can have yourself a beautiful space to enjoy dawn or dusk.  Line a few pots along the railing and on the steps leading to the porch. Place the clay pots on the lawn however tiny it may be. You can even hang a few potted plants such as ferns from the roof of the porch. The greenery will only enhance the walls and the trim and make it stand out.

Porches have very simple requirements. Minimal furniture as in a couple of chairs, or a swing, sunshade to protect you from the heat and glare,  foliage and flowers. The brighter the flowers the more attractive your porch can be. This is very simple to maintain too. As this is the first thing a visitor will notice, you might have to make sure the plants are tended well and the floor is clean and smooth. You don’t want people tripping on a weak plank of wood on the steps or step on some broken pot. Simple decor and easy maintenance is all that is called for if you have a porch you want to enjoy.

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