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Design office interiors with simple themes

Well lit conference room

Well lit conference room

The office room in this picture reminds me very much of something you’d see in an IKEA book. It is a room that really captures attention. Office designs are very vital to quality of work in our modern world, and therefore, it is vital designers get it right.

The floor of this office room is a smooth, shiny, light colored wood. Wooden floors are the best, due to their rich shades of brown, light or dark. The carpet on which the conference table and chairs sit is patterned with black squares with brown filling. The brown of this carpet is a pleasant shade, not too eye catching, but a shade that seems to fit in with the general design.

The table and chairs are truly colored with the ‘classy’ type of color I mentioned. Black is easily the smartest thing to use in an office. Not enough to give the room a perpetually dark atmosphere, but enough to make it look appealing. The table is long and spacious. The chairs are made of shining steel, and the backrests, seats, and armrests are all black, matching the surface of the table.

To the side of the table is a large and long bookshelf, standing next to the white wall. Offices need to have space for things like books, files and folders, papers, and more, and so a bookshelf is of course vital to store information. The white walls and ceiling give off a sense of calm in this room, which I feel makes it easier for workers within to converse and think, because there are no bright, in-your-face colors around them. The light hanging from the ceiling just above the table is useful to fill the table with light.

The ceiling is styled with attached lights. This lighting system will ensure that no corner of the room is left without light. This office room is no doubt well made. It is spacious, uncluttered, smartly lit, and the colors used in it are excellent.

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