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Design The Interiors With Green and White Theme

Green Theme For Interior Design

Green Theme For Interior Design

Imagine taking a white sheet of paper- flawless, smooth. Now imagine taking dollops of bright green and splashing it all over in random areas. Now don’t even try telling me that doesn’t look good. This room is themed with a pair of colors that is eye catching, fresh, and lovely. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all white. The floor is relatively different from the wall and ceiling. It seems to be translucent, and is marble.

The lighting system helps make the room look even more pure in way. White light plus a white wall makes a pretty good combination, I guess. The bed, placed in the center of the room is lovely. Its mattress and frame are both white. The bed cover and pillow cover are colored similarly. The color seems to resemble green windows on a green background. The combination of light and dark green looks a lot like a branch of leaves in the sunlight. Away from the color, the bed is large and spacious. I would truly love stretching out on this bed. It looks extremely comfortable, and comfort is vital in a bedroom, isn’t it?

The wall behind the bed is extraordinary mainly because of the picture hanging on it. The picture is framed black, but consists of two round smiling faces showing us two wacky expressions. Opposite this wall, and opposite the bed, is the study area. This room is undoubtedly complete, especially with a study area for kids. The desk is green, and the chair is brown. Again, the desk is a combination of natural, light and dark greens.

The storage area of the room is against the wall adjacent to the desk. I love the mirror. It is shaped like a rectangle with its corners stretching outwards. The cupboard is bright green with White rectangles on it. The set of three cupboards has plenty of space. Attached to it are three shelves, also attached to the wall. The shelves are unused over here, but they can be used to put plenty of things.

Overall, this room has a stunning theme. Green and white looks excellent together, and the room not only looks natural, fresh, and full of life, but also looks spacious and well decorated. The small windows are not to my liking though.

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