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Design the room around a unique chair

Uniquely designed chair

Uniquely designed chair

How can a person look at this chair and not think it is extremely and purely cool? It’s impossible. It may look like it advertises furniture made of recyclable material, but it looks good to me. The first thing I wondered when I looked at this design was ‘how can it even support weight?’. But then I realized that on closer inspection, it actually is very solid. The chair is made of, literally, pipes. These plastic, transparent long and open ended cylinders have been fit together to create a piece of furniture.

Firstly, I noticed that with the use of reflective surfaces like this, light can fly everywhere, which only makes the design look better. Putting it in a well lit room is very advantageous because it looks beautiful with light flitting in and around it. The arm rests and the seat are constructed with long cylinders. Inside the two arm rests are fit two long and slim tube lights, blazing with white light. Like I said, the light ricochets around and looks lovely. The seat consists of horizontally placed cylinders, rather than vertically placed. But, to make it more comfortable to sit on, a green translucent sheet of plastic has been added. Similarly, a red  translucent sheet covers shorter cylinders on the backrest.

The use of colors blended in with the phenomenon of light refracting and reflecting creates a wonderful effect. The chair looks very good, and is extremely novel. It would probably fit in beautifully in a darkly painted room fit with good lighting. The only problem with it seems to be that it does not look comfortable in the least, and reclining it is fairly impossible. The design is different, and difference is good, seeing as we all love to see something new once in a while. I can’t say that this design fits in everywhere and anywhere though.

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