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Design Three Drawers In One Piece Of Furniture



Something ordinary like a chest of drawers surely cannot be made interesting and attractive. It’s impossible. That’s what I thought before I saw this one. There are many things in it that I love, but what strikes me the most is the fact that its features are very simple. It seems like an ordinary chest of drawers has been modified to form the masterpiece in the picture.

The legs are small, squat, and curved. Made with polished deep brown wood like the rest of the furniture piece, they look classy and fit right in with the entire design. Polished wood always looks attractive, and in this case, perfect. Its shine gives off a smooth, smart effect.

The first thing a person will notice when he looks at this design is the fact that is in fact, not ordinary in the least. It is unique. The three drawers are twisted in different directions, making it look like they’ve just been stuck onto each other at odd angles with glue. The body of the drawers is divine. The polished wood is even shinier than the legs, if that’s even possible. When wood reflects the light of its surroundings, it always looks good. Here, we see it reflecting the ceiling and walls of the room it is in. This causes it to look classy.

Another characteristic vital to increasing the appeal of a design is contrast, mainly contrast of color. Having contrast between a piece of furniture and the wall behind it is lovely, but contrast within the very piece is even better. This design is not all it seems to be. Open a drawer and your eyes will be attacked by a barrage of shocking pink. The inner body of each drawer is this luscious, delicious pink, just bursting with color. As you can see in the picture, the contrast between the colors of the wood and the pink make the combination beautiful. The spaciousness of the design is also obvious in this excellent creation.

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