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Design Wall Hangers For Your Home Interior

Wall hangers

Wall hangers

Coat hangers are a very western concept, something that is not really seen in eastern countries like India and China. Coat hangers are usually placed near the entrance of a house, or in a foyer, to allow people to remove their coats and hats and hang them on the hanger. Coat hangers usually appear to look like a long pole with sticks attached vertically to facilitate hanging of coats. However, designers have come up with unusual concepts and designs to make coat hangers look pretty, and not just a utilitarian piece of furniture.

Coat hangers need to have space for a lot of coats and hats. They need to be tall, but easy to use. They shouldn’t be so sharp that they become hazardous objects. This is why they are normally placed behind a door, in order to make sure that no one accidentally pokes himself or herself.

While traditional coat hangers are vertical and brown and wooden, conceptual designs include horizontal coat hangers that are attached to a wall, with different colors. You can get ones that match the color scheme of your foyer. Another great idea is to paint the coat hanger yourself. Original art work is always a unique way to express yourself.

You can buy traditional English looking coat hangers at flea markets and thrift shops. These antique pieces will probably be both gorgeous and one of a kind. They are usually in dark colors and will be traditional.

You can also make coat hangers yourself by attaching a wooden plank to the wall and screwing hooks to it. This is cheap and can be made to look pretty by painting and polishing.

Be creative and open to new ideas, they might surprise you. A house can always use a little tweaking here and there to add to its beauty.

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