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Design your balcony for a perfect sit-out

Modern Balcony

Modern Balcony

Modernism and traditionalism are not two ends of a rope that will never meet. You will find an antique aura in a room even though it has been renovated to look like it was created in the future.

I usually see interior designs with combinations of the two. A lovely room modernly painted yet with antique pieces of furniture. I have yet to see a room with just one type- modernistic design or traditionalistic design. But now I have. This room is filled with a modern sense of design. Admittedly, the use of a nice view is nothing new.

The floor on this balcony is a cool grey stone, separated into rectangular tiles. The use of this floor color enhances a pleasant atmosphere into the balcony, which already has that due to the presence of greenery all around it. The balcony’s shape is important to note. It is more of a semi circle; we can see that by the curve of the ceiling. The white ceiling matches the white furniture well. The view is vital in this balcony. Being surrounded by greenery is highly appealing to me. Watching sunlight filter through leaves strikes me as extremely beautiful.

The furniture is the most important part of this room, easily. Its design is strange, but only pleasantly strange. It is modern, futuristic, and elegant. The chairs and the table are pearly white. Oddly they remind me of white ceramic. The chairs are made of one piece, resembling curved plastic. The phrase ‘curved plastic’ underestimates the beauty of the chairs.

The table has a slender, slim neck, and a very thin table top. Putting a vase of flowers here would be incredibly attractive. This balcony is quite something, but it is not really something you find in a home. You’d most probably find it in a hotel or a restaurant. It lacks a homely touch, which I feel is highly important.

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