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Design your balcony with plants and flowers

Balcony Decor

Balcony Decor

I have moved houses many, many times, and have had many different criteria influencing my choice of where my next home will be. One major criterion is that the house or apartment should have a balcony. If the balcony faces the sea, and offers a beautiful view, then it only makes it better. Balconies offer ventilation, more space, and of course, fresh air once in a while. This is not exactly influential in choosing a house, but in parties, a balcony can be used to smoke a cigarette or two, instead of polluting the house. I have always dreamt of sitting in a balcony with a tea table in front of me, reading a good book and sipping some coffee.

This balcony utilizes space well. There isn’t a lot of space to really use, but that’s why it’s such an impressive design. It is more impressive when one uses fewer resources to make something beautiful, rather than using a lot.  It also has an important component- greenery. Where sunlight is so easy to come by for plants, one should use this to his or her advantage, and plant as many as possible. Ferns that curl around the wall, flowers that blossom into bright reds and yellows, all these make a balcony look ten times more appealing.

The table is a small circular table, looking petite and delicate. The chairs are made of steel, and cushioned with lovely colors. There is plenty of leg room, and though the area seats only a maximum of two people, I feel that this is enough, mainly because to add more would be overcrowding it, and making it seem cluttered. This balcony is in balance. It is just perfect. It is not spacious, yet it is not cluttered.

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