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Design Your Dining Area Inside the Kitchen

Simple Kitchen and Dining Room

Simple Kitchen and Dining Room

Beauty can come in the simplest forms. The displayed kitchen cum dining area is the best example of this. It’s small, no doubt, but make no mistake, it’s still a lovely design. The wooden floor is a lovely polished brown shade, deeper than the rest of the room. The dining table is right in the center of the room. With its stone table and built in basin, it matches the kitchen counter, with the same stone top. The base of the table is wooden, and the chairs are unique. They have long legs, but small backrests, and high seats. They are made of metal, painted a steely blue. The table is not relatively big at all, and doesn’t have much space for about three plates and a few utensils.

The kitchen cabinets are located on the boundaries of the room. The counter is the same stone as the table top, and has plenty of space on its surface. The entire room, though small, is very spacious. The modern, shiny refrigerator is huge, and it sits next to the microwave, located inside a pocket like space below a cupboard. Beside this microwave we see the stove, and above it the chimney opening, to filter out cooking smoke. The room is naturally lit very well.

There are two rectangular and very large windows, revealing a lovely view, and allowing plenty of light to enter the  room. Below the windows is the deep brown door to the oven, sitting amidst the cupboards at the bottom. At night, the room is lit well too. The lights attached to ceiling are located where they can shed plenty of light, and they look modern and stylish.

Overall, this kitchen is a prime example of simple beauty. It is modern, but still simple, and the design is not so overwhelming that is difficult to maintain. On top of that, it is small but spacious, and is easy to clean.

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