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Design your dining room and make it airy and inviting

Airy and Bright Dining Area

Airy and Bright Dining Area

This is a renovation of a farm house in Shelter Island, New York. This dining space is perfectly romantic, inviting and warm. It is a wonderful space for family get-togethers and indoor picnics. The room is not very large, but the lightness and airiness of the decoration lends an illusion of size and space.

This room could have easily been cold and minimalist and modern. It avoids being this way completely. The decorators and architects have very cleverly made the place look warm and cozy, even with the bold and harsh blacks and whites. White is a color that looks cold very easily, and it makes a space look empty and sterile, but not so in this case.

The space is romantic and is filled with vintage pieces that are appealing and old. The white-topped rectangular dining table at the center is simple and basic. It is surrounded by three single chairs and one wooden two-seater. The single chairs are made of wrought-iron and black and white cushioning.

The floor is made of wood that is light and does not distract the eye in any way. Even the cabinet in the corner is white, but it is intricately designed and gives off a vintage, early 20th century English air.

The white helps of course, but the room appears light, breezy and bright because of the wonderful cross ventilation available. The dining room opens into the backyard, a wonderful idea that implies possible barbeques and outdoor picnics.

A great feature of this room is the black chandelier hanging above the table. It is a gorgeous, almost gothic design that manages to look both romantic and bold at the same time.

If at all you love to utilize white and black, but want to stay away from the current minimalist/modernist trend, take cues from this well designed and pretty space.

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