Bedroom Interior Designs — April 16, 2011 at 11:14 am

Design Your Dream Bedroom


There is not one among us who does not want our bedrooms to be classier than any other bedroom on earth. You certainly would like to give this room a stunning visual appeal.  And are you sure you want to be merely satisfied with a pretty bedroom or do you want bedroom something more than merely pretty? If your bedroom is your favorite place, then you should also try and put most of your favorite things in it. For instance, if you have an object of art that you love immensely and most of the time cannot seem to take your eyes away from it, then instead of placing it in the living room or elsewhere place it in your bedroom.

Now when it comes to walls, paint it with your favorite color. If you have a very comfortable recliner that you would like to use in your bedroom perhaps to read a book in or watch TV, don’t hesitate to make place for it in there. Make your room interesting. Indulge in choosing a wide variety of fabric for curtains, blinds, cushions and pillows. The more the merrier. Bring life into your room with the right choice of fabric – at the same time don’t lose sight of the aesthetics. There is something so very special about touch. Is there not? So go ahead and indulge yourself in getting comforters and other bedding ensemble that you love the feel of.

Now another point to note is the power of the olfactory nerves to soothe your senses. You would love to have your room smelling fresh and inviting with your favorite smell. This is where you should go all out for those scented candles. You can also get your favorite linen spray and keep your bedding fabric sprayed with it. Go in for mildly scented perfumes like lavender or even vanilla. They are known to reduce levels of stress.

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