Kitchen Interior Designs — June 1, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Design your kitchen with shiny appliances


Technology has improved so much that these days, we rarely see kitchens without superior looking fridges and chimneys and microwaves.

All these necessities take up a lot of space, and it is rare to see a design that makes sure all these things are put into places where they can’t hamper movement. Fridges are huge lumps of mechanisms, if you look at it literally. And these lumps take up a lot of space. Microwave ovens do the same. But instead of completely removing these items, you can allocate them to specific places in a kitchen. The design in the picture completely represents the statement ‘using space well’. In fact, even with all of its attachments and storage areas, there is so much space in it. The fridge is placed in a hollow between cupboards and shelves. The rich brown of the wood in this kitchen reminds me of soup for some reason, and the gigantic fridge brings that to mind once again as its bright shiny silver contrasts with the wood. The fridge is huge, and can no doubt store and cool a great number of things. Close to the fridge, attached to the wooden frame that covers the kitchen’s entirety, the microwave oven sits, gleaming just like the fridge. These make the kitchen look very high tech and efficient.

The kitchen counter and broad stone topped table in the middle of the room are similar with black surfaces. The table seems to tell us, again, how much space this kitchen can handle. This kitchen, with its colors that gleam and shine with richness and luxury, and its immense amounts of space, is a classic example of an excellent design. It pushes the boundaries of kitchen design by combining both technology and space in a theme of brown, silver and black coloring, and good lighting from the ceiling.

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