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Design Your Living Room Around a Unique Chair

Room designed around a chair

Room designed around a chair

Minimalism is a big trend in interior design today. Inspiring the likes of designers like Calvin Klein and Philippe Starck, it is one of the most fashionable ways to decorate a space. Minimalism is characterized by sharp edges, minimal colors and sleek finishes. It is an easy to maintain and relaxed way to decorate a space.

This room has used minimalist design most effectively to give a feeling of simplicity and class. It is a sophisticated room that is used for relaxing. It is a large space that looks even larger because the interior decorator has not made the mistake of cluttering up the space with unnecessary artwork, sculpture and heavy paneling. He or she has very wisely opted to use neutrals and pleasant colors as a contrast to all the sleek furniture.

An attractive part of the room is the chair. It is a unique and original design that has a vague, serpentine structure. It is covered with a cream cushion that takes the shape of the chair. It looks comfortable and simple. It is seemingly the only really usable piece in the room. It is accompanied by the carpet and a low shelf on which objects and trinkets can be placed.

The decorator has stuck to the minimalist theme by placing artistic and new-age vases on the shelf.  Above the floor level shelf is another glass cabinet that is as horizontal and rectangular as the drawer below it.

The wall is wood paneled and well-polished. The ceiling is high, giving the room more room for air and space. The place is well lit, as most minimalist spaces are. It is breezy and simple.

This kind of sleekness is not for everybody. Minimalism is an acquired taste. Many people usually prefer more objects and more clutter, as it exhibits personality more. Minimalism is mostly for people who are comfortable in their wealth, and are prepared to relax in it. It is also extremely fuss free and easy to maintain.

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