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Design your shelves in glass

glass shelves

glass shelves

Talk about class. Beauty can have many characteristics. One of these is intricacy. When something looks delicate and breakable, it is usually because it is made carefully, and therefore is quite something to look at. But for a designer to create something not only delicate and pretty, but also solid, makes him an artist.

Glass is widely used in interior design. Not just for windows, either. Brightly colored, painted and patterned pieces of glass decorate homes very well. To use glass as a shelf set is also not unheard of. Glass is easy to clean, but also easy to scratch and break. When I look at this shelf, I wonder why anyone would make such a thing when it can break so easily.

However, it can support a lot of weight, as shown by the things placed on it. The glass is thick and is attached to the wall. Being attached to the wall, it does not take up unnecessary space or cause difficulty in maneuverability. This should be applauded, as you rarely find that in shelves.

The shelf resembles a zigzagging line, crawling up the wall and forming five platforms to keep things. Each platform can hold weight, which increases the amount of space a room can have. Also, the shelf will fit in almost anywhere, since it is colorless, and cannot clash with any wall color.

When light refracts and reflects onto this shelf, it looks beautiful as the whole design begins to glow with light. It is a shelf as well as an item of decoration that can hold other items of decoration. It clearly shows how interior design has developed and evolved in our world. Designs like this will always have a place in homes, hotels, or basically anywhere. It is innovative, classy, and well designed.

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