Interior Design Software — April 28, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Design your shelves like a ladder


When I saw this shelf, I instantly liked it. It resembles the part of interior design that solves things in our world. It takes very little to make life easier for a person, and one of these is to make something reachable and easy to access. A shelf is usually made horizontal so that it can not only store lots, but it can also be easy to access. If you try and make that shelf vertical, it sometimes is too high for a short person or even a normal person to reach. I’ve seen lovely book shelves that are so high, they touch ceilings. These shelves are usually reached using step-ladders. Of course, having a step-ladder and dragging it around, is sometimes a nuisance.

This nuisance is cast into shadow with this clever design. This shelf is made of light colored wood that is very solid. There are seven shelves in this large structure, shaped into boxes. Each box can contain a large number of things.

The problem one would see in this is: how does one reach the topmost shelf, unless he’s seven feet tall? Easy. The structure of the boxes is such that it is easy to pull out and push in. The wood is solid enough to support a person’s weight. So if you need to reach a high shelf, pull out a few boxes, form a stairway, and step right up to your shelf, take your time, and that’s all there is to it!

The cleverness of this piece of design is what attracts me to it. It can be painted a bright, wonderful color, and set in a corner of the room. It will not take up too much space, and it’ll fit in almost anywhere. You can put anything anywhere and it will be easy to access due to the possibility of making it a stairway.

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