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Design Your Study For Comfort And In Style

Comfortable Study Area

Comfortable Study Area

Undefined interior design is considered going against traditional design.This room fits that definition. It seems to be a study area, with a long desk beside a set of cupboards. The warmth and homeliness of it is quite enviable. The floor of the room is wooden, and is a rich earthy color. Wooden floors are the best floors in my opinion, mainly because of their natural color. The cupboard, with its sleek, shiny doors, has plenty of space within. The side of the cupboard, facing the desk, is white, and has a small picture hanging from it- a lovely landscape with grass and blue skies.

The main attraction of this area is the desk and everything close to it. The desk is very large. I can see plenty of space on the table top, for a laptop, books, flower vases, and many other instruments and ornaments of decoration. There is plenty of leg space for the person sitting at the desk as well. The drawers on the sides of the furniture piece are big enough to store many tihngs. The table top is decorated beautifully. There is a potted plant close to the cupboard, and beside it a glass vase with a flower in it. Close to it is another glass vase, with a differetn flower. The first ting that caught my eye on the desk table was the lamp. The shade is a simple white with a thin black border. The lamp itself is wonderful. It resembles an egg, but an Easter Egg, the kind of large chocolate ones you get for Easter, with intricate decorations and icing. The colors used are an earthy ochre, almost touching brown, and patterned whites.

The chair looks to be one of the most comfortable ones that you can see. Its shape screams ease, with curves that support the back. It is a rotating chair with steel limbs and armrests. This study has one of the most important things required for interior design- natural lighting. It is right next to a large window that glows with light from the sun. The curtains are white, brown and yellow, and make the whole design look sunny and beautiful. Overall, this study is beautiful, and simple too. It is not too large,and is yet very spacious and well made.

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