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Design your work space without clutter

Redesign Cluttered Space

Redesign Cluttered Space

Space is the most important part of interior design. You can have breathtaking beauty and stunning colors, but imagine if you had all that and no place to move. In a China shop, looking pretty with all the intricate China, if there was not enough maneuvering space, all that intricacy would break with a single movement. Even an extremely small part of a room, for example a desk area, needs space- leg space, for the person sitting at the desk to move his legs freely. A bathroom needs elbow room near the commode. Bedrooms definitely need space so that the place a person sleeps in does not feel stuffy or heavy with clutter. Dining rooms are important as well, because if the room is too cluttered, serving and eating food will be hard to do, and in a kitchen cooking food will be very difficult with little space. I feel that alongside beauty, space needs to coexist with it. I feel that this room fails in that aspect. The room feels stuffy and too cluttered.

This room is catchy. The mind tends to wonder how so much fits into so little. It’s original in a way, because it’s an unexplored idea- to make something cluttered on purpose. It’s fifty-fifty, I feel. The room looks unique and original, while it does seem jam packed full of things. There are piles of books, open cabinets, a box of things pushed under a chair, but all this fits into the central theme of untidiness in the room. The wall is easily the most extraordinary part of this room design- it consists of a few simple, ordinary things, like a mirror, and paintings. But excluding these two things, the wall is filled with tons of things, like random small pictures of landscapes grouped together, reminders, a Japanese fan, a clock, a display of butterflies, and much more.

This room has a lot of good things, but it is too stuffy for its own good, I feel. It’s not a room befitting good interior design, especially when space is so vital, as mentioned before.

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