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Designing A Conference Room


Conference Room Design

Conference Room Design

Today’s corporate culture calls for many innovative plans and designs in office décor. The Conference room is an important room in large offices. Planning and designing this room is not going to be easy as there are going to be a lot of elements that have to be taken into consideration. There are many corporate houses that choose to use the conference rooms that are available in large hotels as they are very conveniently and practically designed. If you think your office is going to have a lot of conferences and that hiring a conference room in a hotel every time you want a meeting is not only logistically wise but also tiresome and time consuming, you should certainly go in for a conference room in your office.

What one should consider here is the seating capacity and the size of the room. Do not cramp the room with too many seats if the dimensions of the room do not allow it to. It is very important that the conference room is sound proof. External and internal sound interference is surely going to irk a few and may well turn out to be counterproductive. You have to completely avoid cluttering.  What you must have is a projector screen and projector equipment for presentations. So when you plan your seating, you must take into consideration the viewability of your projector screen.

When choosing the furniture for seating, while comfort is definitely important, you can go in for sleek stream lined furniture that occupy less space blends in with the ambiance of the room. Windows and doors should be well curtained to prevent light from outside source interfering with the indoor lighting. The indoor lighting should be ambient and non-interfering. A conference room in any business establishment is its pride. So take good care and plan the interiors décor and design of this room well taking the aesthetic and the functional aspect into consideration.

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