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Designing a Girl Child's Room


Pink Interior Decor Theme

Pink Interior Decor Theme

Interior designing is an art in itself and when it comes to designing kids’ rooms it is all the more fun. This is the place where one can and must use not only one’s imagination but also one’s aesthetic sense to make it look pleasing, eye catching and welcoming. The brighter a child’s bedroom the better.  The most important part is to plan the layout and the colors well in advance. Pink has been and will continue to be the most favored color for a girl’s bedroom.  This going to be your girl’s child’s lair for a period of maybe seven to eight years. So give it all that you have to make this room a real beauty.

Here is a room that has been decorated for a girl child. Pleasing pinks and bright yellow dominates the theme. If you notice the walls have been wall papered with pale blue and beige stripes and the floor is wooden paneled. This means that all the colors of the bedroom come from its accessories. Every piece of these accessories has been specially designed for the room.  The head board of the cot and the side railing have been given a stylish curve. This shape and the design matches with the cupboard design and the dressing table mirror design.  The yellow waves on the headboard design and the cupboard one matches with the bed spread that adds to the pink and yellow theme. When it comes to the blending in of color schemes  you can also see that the red and white polka dot settee matches the red foot mat.  Unassuming floral patterns here and there adds to the refreshing theme.

A neat little room like this colorfully designed can do a lot to brighten up the child and keep her energized and happy. A lot has been said about how the living abode influences the growth of a child. Nothing could be truer.  Designing and decorating  a child’s room shows your care and concern for the well being of the child. Don’t spare any effort here.

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