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Designing a Guest Bedroom


While it is an onerous task to design your own room, it is equally difficult and equally important to design a guest bedroom. If you are one of those people who is lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, it is best to furnish it for a guest bedroom instead of the room being a dump yard for all the unwanted stuff in your homes. This is way you minimize the clutter in your own home and have a nice warm welcoming room for a guest.

So what should be borne in mind when you design a guest bedroom? Comfort is the key here.  Think of all the nice things you did not have when you checked into a hotel the last time! Also don’t make the mistake of decorating this room with an assortment of nick-nacks that don’t fit anywhere else in your home.

The bed in the guest bedroom should be large. Give it a neutral and yet attractive shade for the walls and the bedding ensemble. Choose the bed spreads, pillows and other ensemble with love and care. Make sure that there are extra pillows and comforters too.  Pay attention the curtains and make sure that they too match and go with the ambiance of the room.

Also make sure that a nightstand is a part of the furniture and so is a reading lamp by the bed.  There should be enough room for storage of clothes. A closet with hangars would be good idea too. Made sure that the shelves are bare and the closet and the storage space is empty when you turn it over to the guest. Fresh towels and napkins should be placed in the guest bedroom. If you cannot provide a dressing table, at least make sure that there is a mirror in the room somewhere.

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