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Designing a Shared Bedroom for Siblings


Shared Bedroom for Siblings

Shared Bedroom for Siblings

Home interior designing is all about optimizing the space available in your homes and make it look inviting, refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. For a large family of three or more children, at times you have to design bedrooms for the children to share – maybe two in a room. While some children do like this, there are others who would like more independence.  By designing the bedroom space in such a way, you can certainly create two wholesome individual spaces for two in a single bedroom. One of the most important factors when you do this is to choose the beds. You have to have to single beds in the bedrooms. This is mostly shared by two brothers, two sisters and sometimes two small children who could be either a boy or a girl. What you must ensure here is that create a perfect symmetry here. There would be fewer quarrels and more independence and the children do feel important enough to have a space of their own here.  Whether it is a study table or a trash can, make sure that both sides of the room have it.

What can be shared in the room could be a bathroom if it is attached to the room, a mirror or a dressing table and the floor rug. Here too make sure that the entrance to the bathroom is in the middle and the dressing table is also placed in the middle perhaps on the opposite wall of the bathroom. If you have ceiling fans, make sure that there are two small ones on either side of the room or a large one in the center. If you are fitting the room with an air-conditioner or fireplace well then it too has to be placed in such a way that all parts of the room get the benefit of the cooling or heating. This could be a tricky task, but planning for such a thing well in advance would save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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