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Designing the Master Bedroom


Designing the master bedroom is not mean task. If two people are sharing the master bedroom the task gets even more complicated. This is a room that needs all your attention and planning. Here is a fairly large bedroom that has been decorated in a lilac theme. There is an amazing elegance to this room that has come through by the mere use of colors. The lilac or deep pink as one would like to call it give this room a sophisticated and hip ambiance.

This is what you are looking for when you have decided to go in for a theme that is color intense. You have to choose a color that can blend in very well with the atmosphere. Some of the other colors that you could choose are pale blue or pale green. Any harsher or darker shade could take away the subtlety of the theme and make it more intense.

The furniture here has indeed been well chosen. The dressing table is in all white that matches the white wood work of the cots and the mattress. It also matches a part of the wall. The bed covers and the pillow covers fabric colors match that the wall. The decorator has cleverly used a darker shade of lilac of the carpet. The four piece wall art piece too is a hand painted canvas wall art with colors that complement the theme.

To give this room a wholesome and elegant finish the lighting elements are such that – one set of lights focus on the beautiful canvas wall art and other shows of the entire room in all its subtle glory. The clever use of both focused and ambient lighting here adds to the versatility and the functionality of the room. The focused light draws attention to the wall art fixture and the general lighting lights up the entire room to give a cozy and comfortable feel.


  1. I would like someone help me to pick my master bedroom colors I have a black plataform bed and two night tables


  2. I would gladly help you with advice, but I need some information in order to do that. Need to know the size of your room, amount of light you have(how many and how big windows and lights).

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