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Designing the Office Lobby/Reception Area


Office Lobby

Office Lobby

An office lobby or the reception area as some would like to call it is a very special place for the office. One certainly needs to take special care and take quite a bit of things into consideration in planning and designing it. This is place which showcases the business establishment and can create a lot of impressions. The ideal is create impressions that are long lasting and positive. It is even more important if you had a business establishment wherein you had to deal with the public often. You need make your clientele warm, happy and important and also show them that they are in a very important place and that they are important for you too.

Colors here indeed play a very significant role. You have to have the colors of your reception room d├ęcor planned out well in advance. This is because you need your furniture to blend in with the color scheme. If you have large reception areas and if you think your clients have to wait there for sometimes as long as an hour, ensure that there are comfortable reclining sofas and perhaps a wall mounted TV. You can have sleek minimalistic designed stream lined furniture if you know that whoever is going to be in your reception will not have to remain seated for more than ten minutes.

Have a reception desk that is not formidable. Too wide a desk can send in all the wrong messages. The smaller the width of the reception desk, the easier the accessibility. Think of this from a psychological point of view. If you are planning on placing magazines for your clients for the waiting time make sure that you have ambient light fixtures too. All that you have to do before you begin the remodeling is to visualize the complete design and its overall look. Only after you are completely satisfied, you should move on to achieve it.

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