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Dine in Style

Dine in Style

Dine in Style

This wonderfully decorated dining room is a pleasure to eat in. The decorator has used patterns, prints and design well; to create a conglomeration of ideas that forms a perfectly beautiful room.

The owner or decorator has stuck to a palette of whites, creams, and grays- an ingenious move that ensures that all the patterns don’t appear too busy and crowded. The room has not tried to be too minimalistic, except in its use of color.

The walls are covered in wallpaper that is stripes of grey/silver and white. There is a white wooden cupboard on the wall, to store glasses and other essentials, as the room opens up into the kitchen. There is a gorgeously framed mirror on the wall. It is circular and hangs over a grayish blue chest of drawers. The surface of the chest is decorated with pot-pourri, candelabras and books.

As one can see, the dining table takes up most of the room. It is a long, rectangular table that seats eight. It is made of whitened or bleached wood that is covered by an edgy white table cloth with frayed ends. The chairs have a nice design and add a sense of design to the room. The owners have stuck to the color theme by using white and black table mats, a cream tablecloth, and black, white, grey and cream accessories.

There is a lot of natural light that’s brought into the room through the massive windows. The owners have added their own quirky twist by placing a pale turquoise sign on the wall that reads “Fresh Cider & Hayrides.”

The key to the beauty of the room is in the details. If one looks closely, the owners or decorators have added pretty turquoise accents all over the place in tiny doses. This adds an aura of fun and excitement to the room. Turquoise is a color that can be both exciting, and calm.

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