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Dining in Black and White

Black and White Dining Room

Black and White Dining Room

With this picture of a dining room, it’s easy to see how a black and white theme is the most popular one for a room design.

The walls and ceiling are a pure and clean white, smooth and lovely. The walls add a sense of purity to the room, and make it seem more spacious than it is. Not that it needs it. On the wall, parallel to the length of the dining table, is a gorgeous black and white abstract painting, re-emphasizing the color theme. The painting is very eye catching, as it is right in the center of our view. The lights on the ceiling are arranged in a pattern, and are small and discreet.

The floor is a deep and dark wooden shade of black. The patterns of the wood are easily seen, and this adds a sense of nature to the otherwise very modern room. The dark shade of the floor also contrasts the white walls and ceiling.

The dining table in the very center of the room is rectangular, and polished. The glass table top reflects light and its surroundings very well. The table, like the floor, is a dark black shade. It is supported by a pair of black bases that look like ebony pillars.    The chairs surrounding the table match it perfectly. The backrests and seats are a deep silvery grey, and the legs are a shiny black. The backrests are shaped in a perfect way to comfort the sitter as much as possible.

The space on one side of the painting on the walls is occupied by a large decoration object reminiscent of a shell facing upwards.

This room is spacious, well designed, and well colored. It is a perfect personification of simple beauty. It does not look empty in the least, and neither does it look too formal like an office. It represents an abstract sense of beauty, centered around the painting on the wall.

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