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Dining in the Kitchen

Dining in Kitchen

Dining in Kitchen

The kitchen cum dining room we see in the picture  is the definition of beauty. The main features of this room are only noticed once you look carefully. The entire room is a mixture of different styles, based on a single color scheme.

The floor is tiled with a combination of different sized and colored stones- ranging from light beige to a warm brown with an orange glow. The floor’s colors match the walls and ceiling, which look calming and lovely in their light beige shade, almost white.

In the center of the room is the dining table, a unique and stylish one. Its rectangular shape looks perfect in the room, parallel to the stove and the drawers. The cupboards below the table top can be used to store things like cutlery, china, placemats, or coasters. The base of the table is a deep and natural brown. The corners have pillar like structures that look like wood twisted into spirals. In contrast to the dark wooden shade of the base, the table top is a creamy light color. The chairs are of similar make to the dining table, with similar twisted legs. The chairs look comfortable with high seats and low back rests.

The shiny silver fridge next to the doorway matches the steel stove. Its location is perfect, as it does not interfere with maneuvering in the room, and it does not take up much space either.

The stove area is clean and simple. The drawers and cupboards are painted similar shades to the dining table top, and are very spacious. The top of the cupboards have as much space as the table top. Indented into the wall is a small niche to keep things like sauces and vinegars. Above the stove, there is a chimney that is convenient. The lights from the ceiling look like old fashioned lanterns, but they do not look out of place.

The entire room is a beautiful place to cook and eat, as the colors are warm and welcoming, the place looks homely, there is plenty of space, and it is easier to maintain than most modern kitchen designs.

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