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Dining Island in the Kitchen

Dining Island in the Kitchen

Dining Island in the Kitchen

When a person lives alone, he or she does not need much space. So it is a good idea to keep in mind that a large space is not needed to have a classy, gorgeous space to live in.

The dining area here is functional and modern with a good use of space. The wall on the side has been left alone with brick. This gives the room a vintage feel.

An important aspect of the space is the juxtaposition of the modern and the old. The vintage pieces that are placed around the room are clever and functional. The decorator has used modern, near-minimalist furniture pieces such as the island-table and bar stools.

The black counter tops look sophisticated and polished. The area is small but isn’t cramped, and hence is easier to clean.

The wall paint is a dull yellow. This is a classy touch that adds to the overall vintage feel of the room. The decorator and owner have added an old painting that is probably a portrait of a member of the family.

The painting has been hung over a stove that can be used for basic cooking. The stove has a small functional desk-lamp. On the other side of the stove is a small potted plant.

The ceiling light that is placed over the table has a black shade that lights up the room well without being overpowering. As there does not seem to be much natural lighting in the room, this lamp is a good idea. This place is also not too bright with prints and colors, so this is a room that appeals to general taste.

The room has a slight Spanish-European feel to it. Over all, this is a great room that is a wonderful example of good design. It is a good idea to take suggestions from the color scheme and styling of the room.

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