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Do You Like Bold Colors for Your Interiors?


Bold Interiors

Bold Interiors

A lot indeed has been said about how the choice of colors in any interior decor theme influences the entire outcome. This is an undeniable fact because the first thing an eye perceives is the color. Only after that it perceives the object. Colors no doubt create a lasting impression and they also stimulate your environs and keeps you on the go. For instance soft colors like pastel shades of gray, beige, pink or orange are said to be very soothing. So you would obviously like to go in for this if you want a restful atmosphere in your rooms. On the other hand children and teens always prefer hot colors. It is just a reflection of their mindset. They are energetic and would like to go in for vibrancy for their rooms. This is an unconscious or a reflex decision that they make.

If you on the other hand feel that you need excitement and feel that softer shades are boring and less intensive, go in for bold colors and bold accents for your interiors. It is your home and you have every right to style the way you choose! Choice of bold colors like burgundy,dark blue or midnight blue, chocolate brown for your walls and white for the ceiling could definitely liven up your interiors. You can then choose fabrics in white or a combination of white and your wall colors for your curtains, table cloth and cushion covers. An accent of gold or yellow would look amazing and add to the liveliness of your rooms. For the fabric choose striped or checkered patterns instead of floral ones. Use the same colors at least thrice in your room to give it a wholesome effect. So if you like to go for bold colors, don’t hesitate – only use them wisely to create a stunning interior.

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