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Does Your Living Room Interior Have a Focal Point


Focal Point Sofa

Focal Point Sofa

You may have a living room that has a cohesive flow of ideas and it is amazingly well decorated. Nevertheless you should have a good focal point. For this try to look at what your living room has to offer that could be converted to a focal point. It could be a book shelf, a fine piece of art, a wall art fixture, a coffee table or even the sofa. All that you need to do is to ensure that a great deal of attention is paid to the focal point to show case it. This can be done in many ways.

Let’s take a sofa which you are going to create a focal point for. When it comes to the sofa there are many ways to show case it and make it the focal point. You can think of placing along the longest wall in your living room. You can add a metal wall art, a decorative mirror, a nice wall clock or a canvas painting right over the sofa so that attention is draw to that particular area of your living room. Sometimes you may not want your sofa to be up against the wall, in this case try and place a little differently try to give it a little pivot so that the entire area of conversation is not only inviting but also attractive visually. To add to the elegance and style you can also place a nice piece of art work – either an artful flower vase or an attractive figurine. Lighting too is an important element when it comes to drawing attention to the focal point. Make sure that the focal point is lit well although not brilliantly, but enough to draw attention to it. Too bright a light could be counterproductive. Just enough light should bathe the focal point area, preferably from behind it so that long shadows are not irritants there. This way you can use any object and create the right focal point for it and add that extra bit of zing to your living room area.

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