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Don't Spend a Cent on Interior Decor


Budget Decoration

Budget Decoration

Home is what gives us immense pleasure. We certainly would like to style it to make it look more attractive, elegant, cozy and comfortable right? But then we do hesitate while thinking about the money that we have to invest on it and more often than not put off the project. Well for those of you who think it is impossible to redecorate a house without spending – then here is a revelation – you can do it – without spending a single cent. Let’s see how this can be done.

Did you know that by simply rearranging your furniture you can create magic and give your room a whole new look? You can at the same time change the cushion covers, shift the focal point to some other newly acquired object and also change the intensity and pattern of lighting. Do this and you will see an all new room!

Now if you feel that there are some items or object in the room that the room can do without take it away. It could be a wall art, a coffee table that has always been obstructive and occupied quite a bit of room, change the position of the wall art maybe to another wall. Sometimes you may have stored away some items for future use. Go and bring them out and see how well they fit into your room. Use some of them to give the room a different look and feel. It could well be possible that some object that you considered out of fashion and had stored them away five or six years ago is back in fashion today!

Bring some greenery into your rooms. Look at your potted plants – choose those that have a rich and rich foliage and display them in your rooms. See – there is quite a bit you can do to change your home décor without having to spend a cent!

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