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Drapes Around Twin Beds In Your Bedroom

Canopied Twin Beds

Canopied Twin Beds

This room ¬†looks like it’s been taken from a book of the Mughal empire. Mughal architecture is filled to the brim with intricate patterns, traditional colors, warmth in setting, and royal themes, and this is what this room has as well. The floor is carpeted , and is the color of sawdust. Except this sawdust is a clean, smooth shade. It is a warm color that looks creamy and seems to go with anything. The ceiling is an ordinary off white.

The walls tell a whole new story. The wallpaper is intricately patterned, and it’ll make any viewer step closer for a better look.The background is a dull golden-yellow ochre. On it are multicolored, intertwining, patterns that resemble staves and plants and more. The wall is not too in-your-face, but is definitely eye catching enough to make a person notice the skill with which it has been designed. On either side of the bed, attached to the wall are two side tables, identical to each other. They are both semi-circles, and colored whiteat the base, and brassy gold at the top. The tables are attached to the wall by means of a slim, curved wooden support. Each table has an identical lampshade on it. The lampshades are simple but stillattractive. The lamps are ceramic white, and shaped like a bottle, and the shades are of a color between orange and yellow. The beds are identical as well, adding a theme of pairs to the room.The most appealing part of the beds is the color of the pillows and bolsters, and the drapes in the form of a canopy are rimmed with the same bright, fiery orange. This orange is very eye catching.

Looked at in parts as well as completely, this bedroom is sublime. It is traditionally colored, with an excellent fiery orange. The wallpaper is unique and lovely, and adds to the theme of intricate beauty and traditionalism. The room may seem cluttered, but it is also spacious. The beds look extremely comfortable, and the floor- carpet is a pleasant shade.

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