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Easy Maintenance – Living Room

Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

The living room in the picture is simple, easy to maintain, and pretty. I say simple because it is not overfilled with ornaments or furniture, yet it is also not empty. The floor is a smooth marble of abstract patterns. The floor somewhat matches the walls, when the walls are cast in light.

The walls are painted a creamy beige color, and give us a pleasant sensation. The room is relatively small, but is still spacious. The chairs are well designed. They are square shaped, dark brown in color, made of wood, and looking extremely comfortable. The cushioning is of a navy blue color, and adds contrast to the room. In fact, it adds more color to it as well.

The fireplace is lovely. The actual place where the flames are, is centrally located so as to spread warmth and light. The area above the fireplace is wooden, and of the same color as the chairs. There is plenty of space here for ornaments like vases or bowls, or even magazines or books. Adding to this, there is even a shelf on the side of the fireplace that serves as another platform.

The center table is uniquely different. It is shaped and molded like a charred piece of wood, but it looks good with the rest of the room. The sides seem roughly cut and burnt, but it is beautiful in a strange way. There is a lot of space on this table for objects of decoration and more. The color of the table top is a hue between brown and orange that seems to glow with warmth.

Right next to the fireplace is a section of upraised floor, where there is lots of space. In the picture, there is a glass vase with a branch in water. This adds a sense of nature into the room. All in all, this living room is easy to maintain, simple, yet very attractive.

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