Bedroom Interior Designs — February 1, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Eclectic Style Bedroom

Eclectic and Colorful Room

Eclectic and Colorful Room

This is a bedroom that is an eclectic mix of browns and bright colors like orange and pink. The windows are large and provide an illusion of space. The pinks are balanced by the oranges so as not to seem too feminine. Black furniture such as the glass-top table and the chairs rounds off the look. It is “eclectic” because the chandelier is more ornate as compared to the sleek, modern furniture.

The bed does not occupy too much space. There is a lot of room for an entire area. The colorful painting above the bed looks great with the silk cushions. The room is vibrant and happy, a place which induces excitement, yet won’t hinder one from getting a good night’s rest. The cushions, one painting and the carpet at the other end of the room is enough decoration for the entire room. Thanks to the large windows, the wall on the side needs no artwork.

The mirror on the side is the best way to give the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. If one ever wants to expand a cramped, small space, the best way to do it is by adding mirrors to the walls. This room is already spacious, so the mirror makes the room actually seem vast.

This room seems to fit a younger couple or individual. Its tones and colors are generally associated with youth and energy. However, the contrasting black furniture brings the whole vibe down to earth and balances it out. It is almost like an outline that limits the room and prevents it from going too crazy. This room can also be perfect for a bachelor pad. There is even space for a home theatre, or a mini-den of sorts.

The wooden flooring is perfect for the colorful accessories in the room. This bedroom with its unusual ceiling and brilliant colors is quite a unique style of decoration.

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