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Elegant and Useful Powder Room off your Living Room

Powder Room

Powder Room

For those of you who have money, it is a great idea to spend it on a small powder room near a foyer or living room. This is a fabulously adorable powder room that is elegant and classy, yet fun and inventive.

This space is artful and breezy despite its extremely small size. It is a long space, but very narrow. It is filled with excellent craftsmanship that has cleverly juxtaposed old romantic design with modern elements.

The powder room, as most powder rooms are, is feminine and delicate. The walls are a light powder-blue. It is well polished and minimally reflective. Hanging on the wall is a large, ornate mirror that it both utilitarian and decorative. What is amazing is that it contrasts oh so cleverly with the modern, sharp and sleek basin space below it.

The flooring is beautiful. It is full of tiles in a mosaic formation. This implies the design’s Grecian inspiration. An interesting feature of the floor is the fact that the tiles seem to rise from the floor and climb up the wall. It is a unique and groundbreaking concept that only serves to increase the beauty and originality of such a space.

One of the most stunning features of the room is the stained glass window. It is of romantic, Venetian beauty. It is the only actual “art work” apart from the mirror frame. The stained glass subtly diffuses sunlight from coming in directly and causing unnecessary glare. However, it still lets in an optimal amount of light that makes the room seem like it is straight out of a fairytale.

This powder room can serve as an example for classy and sophisticated bathroom design as well. The stained glass windows can also provide great inspiration for any room. All in all, this is the perfect fusion of the old and the new.

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