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Enhancing Home Interiors With Indoor Garden


Plants have this immense capacity to cleanse your household air – nothing else can replace them on this score. Well apart from cleansing the air in your homes, they are one of the best aesthetic decorators and style enhancers. This is especially relevant for city dwellers who see nothing but brick and mortar all around. It would be refreshing to step into homes that offer a clean green atmosphere.

Now if you are planning on that indoor garden, remember you can use as much space or as little space for it. It could be just the windowsill or a table or even a bench. Choose a place that can catch the water from your plants easily enough without messing up the house. You can also think of placing tarpaulin covers under the tables which can be cleaned up regularly. Lighting is yet another element that you should look into. Your plants would obviously need sunlight for photosynthesis. Place them in a place where they can get a good bit of natural sunlight. While there are plants that do grow in dim light, if you going in for plants that flower, you would have to place these in sunlight.

If you are going to have an indoor vegetable garden, it should require at least 15 hrs of sunlight for the flowering process. But if you have chosen to have ornamental plants where the rich foliage is the attractive feature you can provide them with 7 to 8 hrs of sunlight. For these very reasons, choosing the right location for the plants is absolutely necessary. If you are growing herbs then artificial lights like fluorescent lamps could do the trick and provide them with the adequate light. These lamps and not very expensive either.

Finally make sure that your plants are kept pest free and get enough minerals for a healthy growth. You can get pest resistant sprays and fertilizers in a good plant nursery. Use them wisely for your indoor garden and give your household the clean green look!

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