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Escapism in the Bathroom

Unique Bathroom

Escapism in the Bathroom

This bathroom is very escapist. It is a gorgeous room that could belong to a hotel resort. It is decorated very minimally with just bathing space and a toilet. The room is very earthy looking and furnished with a brown marble floor and a few rocks. The color scheme of the room is mostly white, cream, dark brown and pale brown. These colors produce a calming effect on the room.

There are no paintings on the walls, but the wall is decorated with an embellished, low-relief work that is three dimensional. It is a decorative piece revolving around the flora and fauna theme that the bathroom is trying to work toward.

There is a nice, long, horizontal mirror on the wall that has a nice wood frame. Under the mirror are two wash basins that are circular and made of marble. The closed drawers under the basin give the room a clean feel.

The main attractive feature of this bathroom is the circular bathtub placed right in the center of the room. It is very stylish and posh. The tub is made of ceramic and marble. All in all, the room has a very oriental, spa feel to it. The tub could easily slip and overturn but it is in perfect equilibrium. Also, the presence of the pretty rocks under the tub helps hold it in place. The rocks are also lend to the aestheticism of the room.This makes the room all the more relaxing and therapeutic.

Another reason for the therapeutic and calming quality of the room is the openness and airiness of the space. There is a large window in the room that could be covered for privacy, but provides a lot of natural light for the room.

This is the perfect bathroom to calm down and unwind after a long day at work.

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