Apartment Interior Designs — February 25, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Favorite noble colors in interior



Playing with cold colors in your interior. Brave solution for people with impeccable taste. Creative and stylish.


Bold move. Deep brown and white colors. Floor is matching ceiling, I really like it. Unusual shape of windows add a winning ingredient. And look how much can one detail add, the art on the wall. Would be totally different without it!


Owners or designers of this apartment didn’t invent anything. They went classic. Old wooden tiles floor, crystal chandelier. Mirror in a black frame. Cold and noble. 


You don’t have any excesses of light in this bedroom. All in one color theme. Chandelier fits nightstands. Size of that sun shaped mirror. Laconically and with a sense of taste.


This one is really cold. But they can afford to have cold theme inside, while having all those beautiful birches outside. Nobel simplicity and sharp lines. Mirror creates effect of endless windows. 


The art to create coziness out of nothing is a gift. Not only colors choice, but furniture placement and architecture itself. Great view and I bet they move that telescope to the terrace on the warm summer days. 


Unusual living room combined with a kitchen and dining area. One style for everything, two colors and their shades. Always looking good, but you can change mood with small color accents in the room. Adding furniture or some objects in red or orange, or even green can change your mood for all room. Right now they have that huge art on the wall. 


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